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Mwangaza International

About Mwangaza Int.

We partner with an organization called Mwangaza International in order to help the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mission Statement:

Mwangaza International exists to bring the light and relief of Jesus Christ to the vulnerable people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The mission will be accomplished by establishing ministries throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo that will take care of those who are vulnerable.

Mission Focus:

Mwangaza Internationasl's action on the field focuses on:

Rescue- Supporting children in orphanages.

Prevention- Investing in vulnerable communities to prevent abandonment and trafficking.

Support Programs- Programs that intersect between rescue and prevention.

How can you Help?


Mwangaza International always needs prayer for their ministry to the people of Congo.


Partner with Mwangaza International either giving once or monthly. 

Sponsor a Child

For only $30/month you can sponsor a child. You can help them to stop just surviving and help them to start living.

For more information please contact Alyvia or visit


Call: 816-599-1596

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