About MOV

Messengers of Victory goal is to share the gospel across the nation. 

We share the gospel by sending out Messengers of Victory to schools,churches, meetings, and conferences that normally wouldn't have the opportunity to bring in an outside voice.



Your partnership with this ministry helps us send out these messengers and share the gospel with thousands of people. We ask that you would partner with us in any way that you can. No offering is too small.


We always need prayer partners at Victory. Your prayers are greatly valued and needed. 


Partner with MOV by giving a one time gift. We use your money specifically to send out our messengers to spread the gospel.

Monthly Partner

Become a monthly partner for just $22/month. We would greatly appreciate your monthly support in Victory's mission to help spread the gospel throughout the nation.

For more information please contact Britney:

Email: britney@victoryjoplin.com

Call: 417-286-6886