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Fight Club

Weekend 2020

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Fight Club

Fight Club weekend is an intensive, two and one-half days training offered in a comfortable, small-group setting where men are encouraged with teaching, sharing, and Biblical truths.

-Gain insights into sexual brokenness
-Learn how to stop the cycle of shame
-Understand the science of sexual addiction
-Recognize God's process of transformation

We strive to teach people about Jesus and show them the real truth of who they are and whose they are. With this knowledge and restored identity shame's power is demolished. Regardless of your story and its effect, Jesus loves you, pursues you, and cleanses you!

Important Info:


March 6th-8th, 2020 

Leave Victory: Friday, March 6th @6:30 pm

Return to Victory: Sunday afternoon, March 8th, 2020 



This includes food and lodging for the weekend

For more Info:

Call: 417.206.6886

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